Pre-Clinical Ophthalmic Research

Translational research has offered significant advancements to the practice of ophthalmology. Pre-clinical ophthalmic testing produces critical data that includes assessments of drug safety and efficacy. The primary goal is to focus on new strategies for the prevention and treatment of ocular disorders to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Our Approach

At VO-CRO, we strive to advance pre-clinical drug development against blinding eye diseases using a comprehensive array of experimental models of ophthalmic diseases. We reliably deliver the highest quality data on time and at a reasonable price, leading many of our client’s to choose VO-CRO for all of their ophthalmic drug development needs.

Very few CRO’s are affiliated with academic medical centers. It’s an attribute that sets our testing apart, as our affiliation with Vanderbilt gives us infrastructure advantages and access to world-class core facilities. This allows us to focus our efforts on quality and consistency.

Our Product

VO-CRO delivers detailed study designs, comprehensive deliverables, expert biostatistical analysis, and extensive progress reports including guidance for future directions.