VO-CRO In Vivo Toxicity and Pharmacokinetics

In vivo toxicity and pharmacokinetics (PK) studies can be performed in-house alongside or prior to efficacy trials of experimental compounds to better determine optimal routes of administration, dosing, and other key study parameters.

Toxicity Studies

We longitudinally assess visual function after drug treatment using electroretinography (ERG). ERG measures the electrical activity generated by the retinal cells of dark-adapted animals in response to light. We also examine and measure complementary changes in retinal structure and morphometry using OCT and conventional histological methods.

Ophthalmic Pharmacokinetics

We harvest ocular (aqueous, vitreous, retina, choroid, etc.) and other tissues (liver, spleen, etc.) for assessment of drug concentration, clearance, and calculation of half-life in mice, rats, and rabbits. We harvest and deliver tissue for assessment by the client, utilize the client’s methods for PK assessment by VO-CRO, or develop assay methods to suit specific compounds for PK assessment by VO-CRO.