Getting Started in Ophthalmic Research

VO-CRO was established by Dr. John S. Penn, who has over 35 years in conducting pre-clinical experiments of ophthalmic diseases. After coming to Vanderbilt as a professor, he created a lab to design and conduct efficacy studies, partnering with organizations worldwide to advance drugs for blinding eye conditions. His dedication to understanding the mechanisms of retinal disease made it possible to work on drugs that have reached clinical testing and have advanced to the market.

Ophthalmic Research and Development

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of clients from prestigious academic institutions to Fortune 500 companies. The focus has, and always will be, on bringing drugs to the market that will benefit patients worldwide with blinding eye diseases. We continue to employ state-of-the-art methods to remain active in the early stages of bringing drugs to market that will be beneficial to individuals.

Our team is poised to offer consultation on disease mechanism of action, target identification and validation, experimental design, and many other objectives.

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